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Compton is one of the largest and most awarded IT System Integrators in India. As a System Integrator we step into the customer premises whenever they are looking for some process change, large scale hardware installation and deployment, improving performance or troubleshooting of the existing infrastructure. Our pre sales team sits long time with client application teams, understands the scenario and presents a solution. Once the client application team has confidence on the solution they give the consent to deploy the solution. At this time our pre sales hands over the site to our solution deployment team after explaining each and every aspect of the client solution and his IT scenario. There after the solution deployment team very carefully works with client application team till they are completely satisfied. After this the solution is handed over to the client IT team with proper installation and maintenance training.

Our Solutions have to make life for customer easier and improve business performances. We will always bring Holistic Approach on table for our customers
To be TOP system integrator in India and subsequently reach out to International customer with unwavering commitment to integrate solutions that offer best resolution to our customer's needs. We would ensure our solutions are effective for our customer's and they always stay happy with us. We would put honest effort to guarantee that we go beyond our customer's expectations.
We would get deeper into our customer's workflow and pledge to bring speed, security and reliability to their networks. In times to come we would be known for integrating reliable and performing end-to-end IT, broadcast and film post production infrastructures
To build a world class IT, Broadcast and Film Post Production infrastucture for clients by integrating top quality products/ Solutions that best suit our customer's needs so that infrastructure becomes backbone for their growths
Our Solutions have to make life for customer easier and improve business performances. We will always bring Holistic Approach on table for our customers
  • "Customers always First" approach is so strong from top to bottom in the organisation that our client rely heavily on us for their critical business applications.
  • Honesty in quality We fervently believe in deeply understanding our customer's requirements and devising most appropriate solution for our customers needs, which is of paramount interest and we are honest in our products and solutions.
  • Follow best Business practices - We feel its important to audit our processes on base them on best business practices. We belive automating manual process so that high yield is achieved from processes with less failure and looses.
  • Contingency Plan - We always have alternative plans and reserve to ensure continuity to our operation and services to our clients
  • "WOW" We belive in replacing the reactive approach with proactive and automated approach of doing things. We are able to deliver a "WOW" experience to our esteemed clients
  • R & D We fell every business opportunity in unique in itself and needs cavernous digging to evolve the most cost effective and performing solution for our clients, that is the reason we invest and stress uncompromisingly on research and development
Experience We have over twelves years of experience to put right process in place which will ensure high availability of infrastructure for our clients. Please refer to our case studies where we have done big turnkey projects successfully.
  • 24x7 NOC (Network operating Center) to offer service round the clock.
  • Investment to state of art testing tools.
Attitude "Customers always first" approach is so intense from top to bottom in the organisation that our clients just love us for the same
Solution Designing Capability Design team-Every solution goes through multiple layers of screening through a very experienced design team before the solution is presented to the client.
Skill Set With over 150 + employees and a well qualified and certified technical team through ITIL's best in class practices and processes, Compton boasts of a people Excellence process modeled on PCMM Level standards. Compton firmly believes that its's the people's abilities, knowledge, skills and merits that are instrumental in raising the quality bar and hence propagates equal opportunity employment policies.
Flexibility Today our structure allow us to create, empower and deploy resources at additional location as an when required
Low Cost Of Operations We have kept our cost of operations extremely low, so that we can offer price advantage to our customers.
Strong Ties Today Comptonhas strong ties with all major IT brands to bring strong value on table for its customers. Compton has the right blend of experience and relationship management to enable a "WIN WIN" deal for customers and principles
Compton Investments
  • Compton has invested heavily into system administration and service tools.
  • Dedicated R & D facility offer solutions to complex problems.
  • Recently Our R & D team after extensive research developed a rendar farm using blade Technology, This is the first Time a rendreng application is designed around blade Technology.
  • Todat, we hire best of sills sets, train them hard, as we keep attitude before skill and keep our cost low, which in turn keeps the total cost of ownerships low for our clients
After Sales Support TeamWe have a committed well trained, fully certified, customer oriented service team which capable to deliver peace of mind to our esteemed customers.
Sale TeamWe orient our sales people to be proactive and honest to our customer's needs and make them capable to design the right solutions. We focus on training which helps our teams to draw and propose the most effective solution to our customer's pain areas.
Back Office TeamOur front end team is proactively supported by a very comprehensively Back Office team which is sensitive to customer requirements like timely and complete deliveries, proper invoicing, efficient sales & Support Coordination. This office team Provides a healthy environment to our work force.
Our Back Office audits every internal process to ensure peace of mind to our clients. They are always sure of their infrastructure availability even they are not on their guards. Our customers rely on our proactive approach which seizes failures before they hit them

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