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Render Farm Optimization for Media and entertainment industry. We started Leap in April 2007. This project was designed for VXF and Animation industry. Pixion is one of the leading VFX and Animation studios in India. Once a film is shot, it is digitized and the after effects are added to it. Once all effects are done the film is rendered frame by frame. This process is called rendering and takes lot of time and very expensive IT hardware. Rendering process takes lot of computing power so huge cluster of servers are required to run the rendering process. Typical problem Area of VFX post production studio is the power required to run huge cluster of servers, the space these server racks take, high cost of IT hardware and the time taken by the rendering process. This process also draws lot of power thus putting huge pressure on the power resource which is already in great shortage. The traditional way of designing render farms is on 2 u form factor servers, where in each server takes more space, more power and offer less computing power for the rendering process.

So broadly the issues which forced us to design a solution for this industry are very high requirement of power, more power also means that hardware would generate that much more heat so it would need more cooling hence still require more power, high cost of hardware and very high wait time for the client. Tradition 2 u form factors take more space as well, each 42 u rack can’t accommodate more than 28 server, with increasing pressure on real estate, cost of real estate and scarcity of space was also a big factor for evolving an alternative solution.

Leap 1

HP blade servers for rendering of Images in a post-production environment- amazing value for money

Space and Power Saver

Extremely powerful

Very cost effective

Business continuity

Compton’s Expertise

First to pioneer the use of HP blade technology for render farm application in post-production environment.

Deployed 192 HP blade servers with 250 HP high end workstations, all connected to Force 10 E class switch and deployment of Hitachi enterprise storage for data back-up for century communication ltd.

Leap 2

Leap 2 is in continuation with Leap 1 which was started in year 2008. As you are aware Century Communication Ltd. is one of the largest Post production houses in India. Century has post productions studio’s in India by the name on Pixion at Mumbai, Chennai and Noida and outside India by the name of Molinare and Men From Mars in London.

Leap 2 was started after the success of Leap 1 where Century identified, tested, evolved and mastered the Blade technology to best suit its work-flow. Leap 2 saw the deployment of 192 high-end servers and 250 graphical workstations connected to an enterprise switch from Force10 having 1200 ports in single chassis and high throughput HNAS storage from Hitachi powered by Bluearc controller.

In leap 2, century focused mainly on Green technology. Century was planning a new venture, a new post production in Mumbai. New business challenges faced by Century were –

  • Energy that was required to design and run the data-center had gone up by over 50% then last year.
  • 50% more cooling and power required to run the new data-center.
  • Since there is growing pressure on faster deliveries of end products, more computing power is required, hence pushing the need of real estate, which is fast becoming a big challenge.
  • Managing the bottom line.
  • Positive impact on environment.

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