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Surveillance Solution

Compton is one of the leading system integrator in India. Compton has in last 10 years invested heavily in innovation, tools, specialized team, project delivery capability, solution design and management which in turn has enabled Compton to deliver some very high end and prestigious CCTV Projects. Compton specializes to deliver very high resolution camera solutions with large storage capacities. Higher the resolution, the more accurate would be the details in the image. We have the technology to capture 360 degree view at very high resolution. We provide world’s finest decentralized technology which offers amazing benefits like eliminating the need of a NVR, lower network bandwidth, low storage cost and amazing real time analytics. Our cameras can take 1 MM to 50 MM lens, which would offer extremely broad and long view as per exceedingly demanding requirements. If you are looking for a solution that needs absolute clear images, minimum monitoring and offers proactive alerts please don’t hesitate to call us and we would be happy to help you.

CCTV solution

Recording Solution

Video Analytics

Proactive Alerts


We at Compton can help make your Surveillance more effective.

Our turnkey service provides:

We have a qualified, well trained, experienced and certified team of solution designers who would help you with most optimized design for your most complex and demanding requirements.

We offer the world best cabling technology to support your cameras.
  • We have deep expertize to design and deliver most complex cabling solutions.
  • We offer solutions that support up to 60 or more days of recording.
  • Designing and setting up most advance video management centers.
  • Our installation engineers would help you set up alerts of unwanted events/ activities.
  • We have in-house technology to set up world class monitoring centers
  • 24* 7 CCTV monitoring services
  • Setting up most advance Analytic services
  • Comprehensive planning and Onsite Consultation.
  • Product Supply and its Installation.
  • Survelliance Networking - green field / refurbishment.
  • Configuring CCTV
  • Specification Documentation and Feasibility Reports.
  • Site audit / Recommendation reports.

Our Surveillance Components include:

  • Analog / IP cameras.
  • High resolution upto 6 Mega pixel cameras.
  • Upto 256 channel NVRs.
  • DVRs for analog cameras.
  • Complete range of networking products
  • Poe switches
  • Patch panels
  • Work area outlets
  • Keystone jacks
  • Modular plugs
  • Cross connection
  • Fiber optics
  • Wiring ducts and trunking
  • BNC COnnect
  • DVR / NVR
  • cat6/ 3+1 co-axial cable
  • Server Storage
  • RJ-45 Connector
  • Wire mesh cable trays and Combi-Rack system
  • Patch cords
  • Cables
  • Installation accessories
  • Tools
  • Racks and cabinets
  • Access floor
  • Power distribution units
  • Cable managers
  • Power Connect
CCTV Cameras

Compton Computers – CCTV Surveillance Solution Provider in Delhi NCR

Are you looking to hire the trustworthy data analytics services in Delhi, NCR? If yes, then you should look no further than Compton Computers. Over the decade, we have been serving clients by focusing on creativity, tools, professional workforce, project delivery, solution design and management. That’s why; Compton Computers is able to deliver superior standard CCTV surveillance solutions in Delhi NCR.

As your reliable CCTV solution provider in Delhi NCR, we specialize in offering high resolution cameras equipped with high storage capacities. Rest assured that our CCTV cameras have high resolution that delivers more accurate images. We are the noteworthy CCTV service provider in Delhi NCR campus providing state-of-the-art technology to get unobstructed high resolution 360 degree views.

Compton Computers offers the industry-standard decentralized CCTV technology that offers significant benefits like lower network bandwidth, lower data storage cost, real time data analytics, etc. CCTV cameras can take one MM to 50MM lens that ensures broad and long views and strives to exceed the demanding requirements of clients. When it comes to choosing a surveillance solution provider in Delhi NCR, you should rely on Compton Computers. Our CCTV surveillance solutions deliver active notifications, absolutely clear images, and less monitoring. Feel free to contact us as soon as possible and we’re looking forward to helping you.

Our Turnkey CCTV Surveillance Solutions in Delhi, NCR Campus

Want to make your CCTV surveillance more accurate, precise and highly effective? At Compton Computers, we have well-trained, highly experienced, and qualified CCTV solution providers available to help you for your requirements.

What Makes Us Top-Rated Surveillance Solution Provider in Delhi, NCR?

  • With extensive years of experience and expertise, we are capable of designing and providing the most complex cabling solutions by using the latest cabling technology.
  • Our cabling solution supports up to 60 or more days or recording.
  • We design and set up the highly advanced video management centers.
  • With expert installers, we will help you set up alerts and notifications for any kind of unwanted activities or events.
  • We set up top-class monitoring centers by using our in-house CCTV technology.
  • We specialize in providing 24/7 CCTV surveillance monitoring solutions.
  • Our expert engineers will help you set up highly advanced data analytic services in Delhi NCR.
  • Our CCTV surveillance solution provider offers comprehensive planning and onsite consultation for the convenience of our clients.
  • We supply high end products and provide installation services ensuring easy and smooth operation.
  • Our CCTV configurations are quite easy.
  • Upon choosing us, you will be provided with specific documents and feasibility reports.
  • Besides, we offer timely reports in site audit and recommendation.

Whatever CCTV surveillance or data analytics requirements are, Compton Computers will help you get covered. For more information about our data analytics and CCTV surveillance services, feel free to contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started.