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Solor Solution

  • Perfect understanding on how to size the solar solution.
  • Carefully selected products are used for preparation.
  • Ready to provide technical guidance on site.
  • Can work continuously from 8a.m to 7p.m all over the year.

Servo Stabilizer

  • High speed electro-mechanical regulators that provide constant output voltage at pre-determined level.
  • Yield accurate and constant voltage.
  • Fully solid state control circuit.
  • Extremely high efficiency.
  • Purity of wave form maintained without distortion.
  • Virtually zero waveform distortion.
  • Fast correction rate.
  • Auto manual operation facility.
  • Negligible phase shift.


  • Protect against electric shock.
  • Suppress electrical noise.
  • Provides galvanic isolation.
  • Step down Isolation is used to reduce voltage from primary winding to secondary winding.


  • Analog or I.P.
  • 600TVL/720TVL/HD
  • Vari focal lenses : automatically adjust angle and video quality.
  • Image enhancement technology : Our camera system allows you to get clearest image as possible.
  • Auto Tracking : automatically capture images of a dynamic object and follow its movement throughout the area.


  • One month recording for compliance.
  • High quality Image.
  • Small file sizes.
  • Intuitive control.
  • Audio recording also possible.

    Our remote security services blanket your operations in a surveillance shield that 'nothing gets through undetected'.

    By configuring motion analytics and motion sensors, we receive alerts at our monitoring center.

    Randomly login to cameras hourly and look for anything suspicious or out-of-place.


  • Combines surveillance video and human analysis.
  • Clearly customizable for each client.

  • Monitoring of surveillance system as a whole.
  • Use of proprietary software and technical staff 24x7.
  • Proactive approach.
  • Call resolution within 24 hours.

  • Camera captures entry of any unconstitutional access in facility.
  • It verifies visually the entrant and confirms if the person is allowed entrance.
  • Visually confirms the surroundings and any critical conditions.
  • Informs and support the surveillance staff in vicinity
  • Assess the weather conditions of remote site to help decision making.

  • We manage all types of ATM Kiosks.
  • Provide every type of services related to power monitoring.
  • We provide AMC on every product.

An Ultimate ATM Remote Monitoring Solution in Delhi, NCR

We at Compton specialize in ATM remote monitoring in Delhi, NCR and all over india from a single or multiple command centers. This reduces the criminal activities and response to criminal activities at ATM. Our specialization comprises of creating two-way communication with the remote ATM, Monitoring the Power consumption, Switching of sign boards on or off

Alternative Power, UPS

Our alternative power service includes sizing the right UPS and battery bank solution, proactive service plans, comprehensive service coverage, and UPS preventive maintenance.

Solar Solution

The solar solutions we offer include a perfect understanding of sizing the solar solution, select products carefully to be used for preparation, providing technical guidance on-site, working continuously from 8 am to 7 pm all over the year.

Stable And Quality Power

To ensure stable and quality power, we install a servo stabilizer. The servo stabilizer has the following features:

We also incorporate isolation solutions that feature the following: