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Remote Monitoring Solution

Remote Monitoring Solution

Remote monitoring and control refers to a measurement of disparate devices from a network operation center or control room and the ability to change the operation of these devices from that control office

Compton Computers CCTV monitoring solution designed to help infrastructure management companies to reduce their operational expenses and improve security and safety of the site the solution also provide intelligent control of energy assets to save wasted energy. We concentrate on remote controlling of devices like AC, UPS, etc. to ease the service and maintenance.





Remote Controlling

Allert Classification

Very High

  • Theft or Break-in at ATM ---- Call to Customer
  • Unauthorized access---- Call to Customer


  • Machine Fault ---- Esclation to Customer
  • Suspicious Body Language ---- Try to control it by 2 way communication
  • Monitoring Error ----Escalation to our Technical Team
  • No Dispensation ---- Escalation to customer


  • Light out for few minutes ---- Mailed Alert Generated
  • Light out for few minutes ---- Call to Customer


  • Site Unclean ---- Escalation to House keeping Department of the Area

Features offered

  • Automated Controls of Electrical Devices
  • 24*7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Hooter based 1st level of Alert
  • Automated Alert Generation by Advance Analytics Software
  • Panic Button for Emergency
  • 2-Way Audio Communication
  • Event Logging
  • Reports like: Foot-fall, Monthly alerts Etc.
  • Sensor Based Alerts
  • Centralized Management
  • Routine Site Checkup by Vigilance Team
  • Highly reliable
  • Reports on Energy Usage and Power Outages

24*7 ATM Real time Monitoring Solution

Dedicated 24*7 In-house Monitoring Cell

Highly proactive software deployment for fault analysis.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytical capabilities.

Automated Alert System to avoid failures due to manual activities

Multiple Level of triggers for verification of Incidence to avoid False Alarm generation

Routine Site Check by Vigilance Team.

Keep Your Security Worries At Bay With The Best Remote CCTV Monitoring Company

Businesses encounter innumerable challenges when they want to offer adequate security to their organization, assets and employees. Do you want to prevent & decrease the odds of theft at your organization? Do you need a comprehensive solution which can help you in sorting out internal business disputes, improve employee output, and put a break on increasing security associated expenses? If yes, then you better get in touch with Compton – the most trusted remote CCTV monitoring company in Delhi NCR.

Get The Assurance Of 24/7 Security In Place:

Our remote CCTV monitoring solutions give business locations, commercial properties and construction sites with a peace of mind without added expense of hiring additional security personnel. With Compton remotely monitoring your CCTV system, you’ve the assurance of 24x7 security in place that is managed by highly skilled & responsive personnel.

Video Surveillance & Monitoring:

We can help your company to set up the video monitoring devices quickly and connect it to a central station which will be monitored constantly by our expert team. We’ve trained experts who’ve the knowledge about all legal, ethical and technical parameters of CCTV monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring Document:

Every incident monitored on CCTV is documented for future use & report is generated. We make sure that report includes different details such as the zone, the camera used, the timestamp and other relevant info collected by CCTV. This comes really handy to sort out disputes & help in investigation.

Testing, Checks and Maintenance:

Being the most trusted remote surveillance monitoring solution provider in Delhi NCR, we also include regular testing of facilities in our service to ensure that the anticipated quality surveillance is offered to the customers. Our team check camera operations, light conditions, remote control capabilities for panning & zooming, network signalling strength, audio levels and other detection related features to make sure you are getting flawless surveillance solutions.

Key applications of remote CCTV monitoring:

Our remote CCTV monitoring solutions come handy in the following sites:
  • Banks & ATMs
  • Private residences
  • Mobile towers
  • Warehouses
  • Vacant properties
  • Factories
  • Commercial assets
  • Schools,And more

Our customized remote CCTV monitoring solutions make the best use of the up-to-date technology available in the market. Call us now to find out how the best Remote CCTV Monitoring Company Delhi NCR can bring your business increased security at lower costs.

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