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Power Backup

The safest way to protect your Valuable Data





  • High speed electro-mechanical regulators that provide constant output voltage at pre-determined level.
  • Yield accurate and constant voltage.
  • Fully solid state control circuit.
  • Extremely high efficiency.
  • Purity of wave form maintained without distortion.
  • Virtually zero waveform distortion.
  • Fast correction rate.
  • Auto manual operation facility.
  • Negligible phase shift.

  • Protect against electric shock.
  • Suppress electrical noise.
  • Provides galvanic isolation.
  • Step down Isolation is used to reduce voltage from primary winding to secondary winding.

  • Perfect understanding on how to size the solar solution.
  • Carefully selected products are used for preparation.
  • Ready to provide technical guidance on site.
  • Can work continuously from 8a.m to 7p.m all over the year.

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