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Server Solutions

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Compton is two decade old pioneer in server technology, our team has been facilitating enterprises since 1996 in computerizing and getting their operations online. We consult fortune 500 companies from India to size and setup their servers for various application like Database, ERP, CRM, Mailing, SCM and HRMS on premises as well as on cloud. As a system Integrator we offer all major IT brands like HP, Dell-EMC, Fujitsu, Lenovo etc. Depending upon the requirement and sizing of the application we can offer all type of servers like Tower server, Rack server, Blade server and Cloud Servers.

Get The Best Deal On HP, Dell, Rack, Lenovo, Fujitsu and Other Well-Known Servers

A server is employed to store a large amount of data files securely. It’s designed to manage large amounts of data transfer over a network. When an organization starts expanding the need for data storage increases as well. As data is confidential they can’t be relied solely upon cloud storage solutions. Therefore, when an organization starts expanding it must purchase a server for smooth operation of their day to day tasks. And who would you better trust than Compton for all your server solutions in Delhi NCR. We are capable of offering a wide range of servers including servers of HP. Dell, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu, Lenovo etc. Let us know about your business norms, and we’d be happy to suggest the best server at affordable pricing.

Customize server configuration according to your needs:

Being the best server dealer in Delhi NCR, we also offer the option of customizing prior to your purchase server according to your industry at an affordable price point. With us you can purchase all sorts of servers such as the tower, rack, and blade servers with customized facilities. We know that every industry has different needs, and the resource capacity & performance level needs of every industry changes with time. This is where we can help you by customizing your new or existing servers according to your changing needs. Whether you’ve to upgrade I/O’s or change the OS or even the hardware spares such as hard drives, server RAM, processor, power supply, Ethernet cards, etc, we are capable of offering custom built service at a pocket-friendly price.

The Most Trusted HP Server Dealer in Delhi NCR

Are you in search of a high-performing server in HP brand? If yes, then buy it from Compton. With us you can avail a wide array of HP servers including HPE Synergy, HPE Simplicity, Cloud Servers, and Virtualization Servers among others. Whether you are an established business or a start-up, we will suggest the perfect HP server. We assure that these servers function remarkably and let you conduct multiple tasks concurrently. We provide reasonable discounts on both pre-configured and custom-figured servers, and on single and large orders. Buy your HP server from us to enjoy additional benefits of 24/7 support, customized services, pre-sales assistance and doorstep delivery. Whether you are looking for the best HP, Rack or Dell server dealer in Delhi NCR, Compton is your one-stop shop for all types of server purchase. Rest assured that our customized Server Solutions Delhi NCR will suit both your business needs and budget. Call us now to get a free quote for any server!

Server Solutions

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